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A Word From The Author

John Vasilake

One day, about 15 years ago, I had an encounter that really made me stop, for a moment, and ask myself; “Who keeps putting all these people, places and things in my life?” I could not come up with an answer right that moment so, I decided to grab a notepad and pen, and just start writing down some of the other amazing things that had happened during my almost 7 decades here on Earth. You will read about five of these encounters in this, my first book.

After jotting down some of the things I could remember at the time, I came up with what I truly believe, is the only possible answer. It was God! He was placing me in the right spot at just the right moment.

Some of the encounters I had were to teach me a life lesson. Others were because someone else needed me in their life for one reason or another. Yet others were just to show me that God really loves and cares for us all!

While traveling the world (I was born in Corvallis, Oregon in 1943), with my family, Dad was in the U.S. Army, and we got to spend two to three years in Japan, Panama, Kentucky, Connecticut, and finally Florida), Mom finally said, “That’s it! We need a place to settle down and call Home!” So, Mom and Dad agreed to buy a home in Pompano Beach, Florida, where we lived, until I got the travel bug and joined the Army. Go figure.

My life has been one constant set of encounters. Some were good, others not so. If there is one thing I have learned over the years, it is that, looking back, God was always there.

I now live in Virginia Beach, Virginia, right down the road from my sister Maryanne and her husband Ray. Life is good, and I wouldn’t change one moment of it.

Bye for now,
-Johnnie V

What Readers Are Saying

I came to know John while leading a men’s Bible Study Group at a Church in Virginia Beach. One day he handed me the story of an encounter he had with God. I could not put it down and realized that John has a special gift of sharing with others the account of his pursuit of God—the living God, who also reaches out to him.

John’s vivid language draws the reader into his world … and it is not long before the reader recognizes his/her own life in the narratives that John portrays.

May this book find a wide audience among all who are seeking the living God!

Prof. Peter Gräbe
Professor of Theology
Regent University
I have known John for several years. We both belong to the same Church in Virginia Beach. Just last week, John rented a room in my home. He is always looking for ways to help make my life a little easier. He gave me a signed copy of his book upon moving into one of my spare upstairs bedrooms. Once I started reading it, I could not put it down for long. His writing style is like listening to him tell the stories. After completing my favorite story; “My Encounter with God”, I found myself going back over my life and clearly seeing times where God actually intervened in my life. Last night, while enjoying an evening meal together, I actually told John that I know God brought us together.

Folks, all I can say about John’s book is that there are many very important messages in each of the stories,especially the messages in the God story. Who knows, maybe he will actually accomplish his self-imposed“Life Mission Statement”; to making a difference in the world. John actually said in his Statement; “I will leave this world a better place!”

I think this book will certainly help John accomplish his mission!

Carol Ann Kellam
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